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Harmful Impact of Duplicate Makeup Products

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Harmful Impact of Duplicate
Makeup Products
In these days people are crazy about showing their best and in this run some people are using bad makeup products unknowingly due to which their skin suffer from many types of problems.
  • Some ladies lost their luster of skin due to duplicate makeup products. 
  • Some girls lost their natural beauty by using bad makeover products. 
  • Some females lost the natural beauty of their lips. 
  • Some faces allergy problems etc. 
The main problematic part of using duplicate products is this that some people don’t even understand that why they are suffering from such problems. 
In this competitive market, there are too many salons, beauty parlors are open everywhere and people don’t know who is best beautician, who is best makeup artist, who can teach about best make over products?

Lack of knowledge is the root cause of every problem. So the first thing is this if you want to do makeup daily then you must take good training from experienced makeup artist who can tell you about different types of products in market and their use.

Annu makeup studio and academy(www.annumakeupacademy.com) is one of the best academy where different courses are available related to makeup, beauty, hair styles etc. One can join and learn about different techniques and how to save from duplicate makeover products. 
It must be kept in mind that Always use safe and healthy makeup products for healthy and beautiful skin. 
There is a big market of cosmetics in India but this is also a fact that these products are very harmful if not used properly and safely. Specially for skins , they are very harmful.

Let’s See Harmful Impacts of Some Makeup Products:

Harmful impacts of low quality Nail Polish:

Every female want to make their nails beautiful and for that they use nail polish but this is a bitter truth that bad quality of nail polish is very harmful for nails and create different types of problems in nails. It also make nails weak, it also ruin the natural white color of nails. So learn about nail polish from one of the best beautician in Delhi “Anuradha” and use the best and branded always to save your life. 

Harmful impacts of chemical Kajal:

Kajal is mostly used daily to make your eyes beautiful. Before decades kajal were made at home and they were really healthy but now a days kajal is being prepared by using chemicals which are dangerous for your eyes. Due to toxic kajal many types of eye problems occurs like conjunctivitis, irritation, weakness in eyes etc. 
It must be kept in mind that Eyes are very important part of our body and try to use only best kajal for them. Learn about which type of kajal are best for you. Join Makeup classes at Annu Makeup Studio and academy and know about how to make eyes beautiful by using makeup products safely.
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Harmful impacts of Bad Hair colours and hair dyes:

Many ladies, gents are suffering from different types of allergies by using duplicate or chemical hair colors and dyes. 
Many have lost hairs by using duplicate hair colors.
Many are taking medicines of allergy after using unhealthy dyes.
Many have faced burning sensation after using chemical hair dye.
Famous Makeup Artist Anuradha from Delhi says that “before using any hair color and dyes do make proper research about your skin and hair”.

Harmful impacts of Bad Lipstick:

Chemical easily enter in our body if they are present in our lips and cause different types of health issues like abnormal digestion, allergies, loss of appetite etc. 
Some lipstick makes the lips irregular after sometime, some make the lips dry. So some beautician suggests to use Vaseline or lip guard instead of using duplicate lipstick.

Harmful Impact of Talcum Powder:

This makeup product is generally used many times by men and women everywhere but the bitter truth with this is talcum powder is that it pack the pores which is not at all healthy for skin. Some dangerous chemicals when enter in body cause lungs problem, digestion problems, allergies, cancer. So don’t use any makeup products without taking proper guidance from make up artist.
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Career in Makeup industry

Problems Due to Moisturizers:

It is seen that some people who are using moisturizers when don’t use it then their skins gets dry very fast, this is due to the side effects of using low quality moisturizers. So don’t use any moisturizer to maintain beauty, Sometimes it may cause problem. Consult Makeup artist for proper guidance on healthy makeup. 
A good moisturizer should be made of water, hydrosols, plant oils, and emulsifiers. Using natural products, you can maintain the beauty of your face for longer.
Learn How To Do Healthy makeup only at “Annu Makeup Studio and Academy”.

Harmful Impacts Of Deodorants:

Many people don’t like the smell of deos’ and it cause allergies of different types because it block the seat glands which are necessary for body detoxification. Sweat glands take out the waste from our body which are not healthy and if we block it then toxins get accumulated in body which may lead to many problems.
So One of the famous Makeup Artist of Delhi says that use deo carefully or avoid it. 

Harmful impacts of Bleaching creams:

This is very common to use bleaching creams to get fair skin and smooth skin. But very few know that bleach creams are dangerous if not used after testing. Some people face rashes, dryness and burning sensation on skin. Some are facing allergies by using bleaching creams. So always take guidance before using this regularly otherwise one can lose beauty in long run. 
Use only branded products under guidance of experienced makeup artist like Anuradha in Delhi who is one of the best makeup trainer too. 
So if you are cautious about your beauty then do take proper training from Anuradha at very low fees and perform your makeup daily safely.
  • Consult one of the best beautician in delhi, get training from one of the best makeover trainer in delhi. 
  • Learn basic makeup,
  • Learn advance makeup
  • Learn hair styles , draping without harm. 

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